Despite the idea that profanity and sex sell, it is the policy of The Word Wizards to provide wholesome entertainment while dealing with reality in all facets. We will represent no one who uses f--- words or lewd nudity in any of their properties unless such would be pertinent to the integrity of the story, and then only sparingly. It is our goal to produce PG and PG-13 fare whenever possible through the spectrum of scripts and novels that we represent below.

    These range from taut action thrillers to a 12-episode miniseries in the mold of The Tudors and John Adams to old-fashioned fun with a madcap comedy for the whole family. Click on the thumbnails below for the respective logline and synopsis.

   The Word Wizards proudly present an exciting new mystery adventure series geared for teens and tweens, yet enjoyable for the entire family. Packed with thrills, chills and spills, it is intended to push the pendulum back toward wholesome entertainment while resurrecting the serial mode of yesteryear. This franchise, featuring brothers Nick and Joey Spooner, is formatted for television half-hour episodic serials with a one-hour pilot for Riddle of the Stone Spider with twenty 22-minute episodes completed to include Sword of the Continuum. Novels are also completed for the first three adventures which includes Secret of the Sixth Level. Click the bar below to read the respective loglines and synopsis for each venture.