No one will ever look at video games the same way again!




    More bureaucratic snafus have delayed the family's return to the Yucatan to excavate the subterranean Temple of the Stone Spider. Typical of their youth, the boys are getting antsy and, to allay their angst, Dr. Hank Spooner and his wife Claire agree to pack their sons off for a few weeks at their Aunt Mattie and Uncle Luke's farm in Regnad, Iowa. Besides, it will also give their parents a break, possibly a second honeymoon.

    The contrast of the non-stop adventures Nick and Joey faced in the Yucatan and England with the boredom they now face in the cornbelt sets in big time. To offset this ennui, Nick succumbs to his younger cousins' demands that he join them in playing a new video game, which has taken over this small town.

    The virtual novelty "Monsters in the Closet" has been marketed for a new revolutionary InVidia system that makes Wii look like Pac-Man. With monotony ruling the roost, it's only a matter of hours before Nick finds himself caught in the swirling vortex of the powerful InVidia system and at the threshold of the Sixth Level.

    What the boys do not realize is that, under the guise of being a test-marketing product, "Monsters in the Closet" has only been released in this small, sleepy agricultural area two weeks ago, the same duration in which it was known Nick and Joey were coming to visit their cousins. Why? Ah, that is the rub for the game is a lure to draw the Spooners Brothers in. Nevermind that several of the youth of this area are so quickly addicted. To the architects of this game, they are merely collateral damage. The real target is Nick and Joey for the Ghost of Mordred and Melckin will have their revenge, summoning the legions of hell to wreak their vengeance. Their plan: to catch the boys unaware.

    Though none of the players are seemingly missing, their behavior is monstrous. What has changed them? When Joey discovers that Nick and his cousins Greg McCormack and Chris McCormack, though they are there in the flesh, have been taken over by monsters of some kind, which even their parents can't control, he realizes the danger this system holds to soul, psyche, and life. To his shock Joey discovers this is no regular virtual game, but rather an all-too-realistic doorway to the hopeless Sixth Level where the mysterious and eerie Jacob Natas, owner of Nomed Video, sets the rules.

    Through investigation and deduction, Joey unlocks the key that reveals once one is defeated on any of the five levels one of the monsters replicates that person and the player is trapped within the system while that monster possesses each player's body and mind, but not the soul. That only comes at the Sixth Level for when one reaches this shelf there is no return. Working against time, the younger brother must use all his ingenuity and resolve to match wits with the master of the Monsters in the Closet. To do this he must deny his own panic and depend on bits of advice imparted to him from another mysterious character Mr. Brewster, the town pharmacist.

    First, Joey must allow himself to get sucked into the bowels of this system. Then he must draw on the cryptic clues he's accrued just to survive, let alone stay a step ahead of the assortment of wicked wizards, beasts and death traps in his mission to free his brother, their cousins and countless other impressionable youth imprisoned in the Closet.

    Before it is over both boys will yearn to be back in the Yucatan facing foes they could at least see and touch. The virtual mazes and labyrinths of Monsters in the Closet offer pitfalls at every click. Balancing his nerves on a high-wire of tension and terror, Joey realizes it's all too real, for one mistake and all hope is gone.

    In the life-and-death virtual chess-like match that follows, Joey finds himself going head to head with the Devil himself in a winner-take-all nail-biting final clash. How did Melckin survive? Where did Mordred come from? Are the Spooner Brothers really that big a threat that Satan would marshal everything but the kitchen sink to capture their souls?

    With twists and turns Joey must rely on his heart and it is that encouragement and the help of an angel - Serena - who turns a devastating disaster into hope. Now Nick must make the final move to avoid forever being trapped on the Sixth Level as they pool every bit of savvy they have left to nullify that disastrous level, save themselves and all who are trapped in the menacing Monsters in the Closet game and solve the "Secret of the Sixth Level."

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