What would you do if you discovered something so devastating that it rocked the foundation of all you believed in, hoped for and trusted?




Epoch One: The Long Silver Train (Pilot Episode)

    When an earthquake rocks a Vietnam vet's coffin and no corpse, it unearths a deep secret dating back to the Vietnam War. This prompts the son of missing Officer Lt. Edward Tremble to call in his college buddy Paul Ellis Martin, who is an investigative reporter for Overview Magazine.

    Flown to Hawaii to find out more details, Paul discovers what he is dealing with is not a puff piece. Tremble’s son, Brad, discloses letters smuggled out of Ton Son Nhut by his dad to his mom back in 1964 as evidence that the military was complicit in smuggling opium to the states in the coffins of dead soldiers.

    Not taking any chances, Martin tapes the letters then charges Brad’s fiancée Denise Moore to burn all copies while he takes care to secure the tapes, suspicious they’ll be intercepted. His skepticism proves true for the powerful global drug cartel Moonkite is watching his every step while targeting Brad and Denise. A power struggle exists within Moonkite between Dr. Zanieb Haldia and the mysterious Blue Lotus. The latter seems to know the moves of all. Haldia seeks to gain the upper hand by orchestrating the kidnapping of the only child of Thai industrialist Nam Singh and his wife Loi from the royal palace in Bangkok.

    Brad is in Honolulu for the Pro Bowl as an all-pro linebacker for the Pacific Marlins, a team owned by Duncan McAllister, who is part of Moonkite. The FBI has infiltrated McAllister’s lair by planting agent Robyn Lewellyn as his mistress to secure evidence against him. However, he is tipped off and retaliates with a gift of exotic perfume labeled ‘Blue Lotus’. She doesn’t know it’s laced with napalm until it’s too late. Robyn’s eliminated in a spectacular explosion at his Hemmeter Center suite shortly after Duncan’s left for the game. Her FBI counterpart Brandon Dallman witnesses the horrific blast from the street, then fights through the flames, smoke and scoriae to retrieve a recording Robyn had made of a phone conversation that will surely indict McAllister.

    Once the game begins at Aloha Stadium, Brad‘s injured on the field by his own teammate, a hit man for McAllister. In the bowels of the stadium, a Moonkite plant, posing as a doctor, injects Brad with a deadly serum that will kill him enroute to the hospital. Worried and having no access to Brad, Denise frantically waits for Paul on the catwalk at half time when another hit man Hoang Kiao from Moonkite’s Eastern sector attempts to shove her over the railing. Denise struggles, but he stabs her with a sharp medallion containing the venom of a poisonous Krait.

    Thus, the pilot episode ends on a cliffhanger leaving the audience to wonder if she'll live and who attacked her and why. What about Brad? Will Paul and Dallman team up? The answers are unveiled in the second episode.