When all else fails it takes heart to trust your heart.                                SYNOPSIS



    Harry Potter and Indiana Jones meet National Treasure. That's what basically unfolds in Riddle of the Stone Spider when adventurous teens Nick and Joey Spooner stumble upon an ancient Riddle from their father's archeological files. Their youthful curiosity prompts them to research clues on the web. Their discovery leads them to a museum display of artifacts from the Dark Ages, centering around spells, wizards and the like. Merlin move over, for here the boys discover an evil wizard who could hold the answers to what they're seeking.

    Watching their every move is a mysterious old security guard who gives them the shakes as the boys give him the shake by concocting distractions that are both bone shattering and slithery. Despite the mysterious guard's powers, they manage to ferret away a replica of the Stone Spider and several other clues, including gems key to their quest.

    Deducing the clues and using their own genius with innocent enthusiasm, the brothers see it as their destiny for a vacation trip had already been planned to the Yucatan. Their mom Claire Spooner accompanies her sons to Mexico to be with their world-renowned archeologist dad Dr. Hank Spooner for a few weeks.

    Beginning with a day-long tour of the ruins at Chichen Itza, it all looks so simple to the boys. But, once they leave those ruins, unbeknownst to them, the evil sorcerer Melckin knows their every move.

    With the innocent recklessness of youth, they rationalize, they'll be able to solve the Riddle by finding the Temple of the Stone Spider and all will be well. Not wanting to tip their hand to their parents in fear of cutting their vacation short, they turn instead to their dad's most trusted guide Tetaqua. With his inherent knowledge of the jungle and his trusty toucan Chanaput, the boys set off on a hurried expedition into the unknown.

    Only then do Nick and Joey truly begin to discover how dangerous their mission has become. Tetaqua warns "it" will come as the wind and it does, blowing the boys into a vortex of plummeting tunnels, collapsing walls, death-defying winding mazes, dissolving ledges, and traps of all kinds in their quest of the ultimate goal.

    However, to accomplish the final task, they have to deal with the evil warlock Melckin as well as his adversary the sorceress Aurelia, who initiated young Serena's incarceration within the Stone Spider way back in the seventh century. Only through split-second timing and quick-thinking action can the boys escape the fatal clutches of these wicked soothsayers and the ferocious stone beasts protecting the Temple of the Stone Spider. Only by trusting with their hearts can the Spooner Brothers free Serena from a fate worse than death and solve the Riddle.