Camelot meets Shanghai Knights



    Before returning to the Yucatan, Archeologist Dr. Hank Spooner must deal with more red tape which takes the whole family to London. Tween sons Nick and Joey Spooner long for freedom and adventure. To allay their boredom, their mom Claire puts them on a bus tour west to Glastonbury Museum near Lake Avalon.

    Unknown to the brothers, a simultaneous kidnapping signals more mayhem, which will intricately involve them. The young heiress Jenny Morgan-Hunt is captured and thrown in the trunk of a car by two bumbling kidnappers Melchius and Theodore. They've been hired by the notorious Chinese slave-trader, Hung Chung Fu in cahoots with the corrupt Deputy Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, Edward Laidlaw.

    Once at Glastonbury, Joey chides Nick into a fishing expedition on Lake Avalon. However, thunderheads bring a storm, and the boys unknowingly snag a the legendary Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. This mysteriously triggers the awakening of both King Arthur and his wise wizard Merlin and his owl Archimedes from a long dormition on the Isle of Avalon.

    Thus begins an adventure through time and space. Cultures clash and wizards of old face off in this roller coaster ride between high humor and harrowing hazards with twists and turns of diabolical danger as A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court meets Shanghai Knights.

    Arthur is agog when awakened in modern times and reunited with his trusty sword. Then it is stolen when he imbibes too much grog. Nick and Joey steadfastly seek to return Excalibur to Arthur, who ages without it. In the process they discover the theft ties in with the kidnapping.

    Their search takes them back to London where Merlin must balance his powers with his own limitations in the continuum. He must outsmart Mordred, his bitter antagonist of time immemorial, who manages to sneak through the rip in time into the twenty-first century. The evil sorcerer attempts to wrest Excalibur and his sinister shadow controls those intent on selling Jenny to the highest bidder in the Mid East.

    After a skirmish in the British Museum, chivalry rides again when the smitten Arthur regains Excalibur, galloping off to rescue Jenny. In the antics that follow, Nick and Joey commandeer a motorcycle and sidecar. With Merlin and Archimedes in tow, the chase is on through London with quite a few surprises for the audience and the Queen of England as well.

    When all forces collide on Fu's Thames barge, is it curtains for our heroes? Not with Merlin's fast thinking and Arthur's loyal Knights of Camelot where Nick and Joey accomplish their three-fold mission. They're rewarded when they land in the Queen's parlor, the bad guys incarcerated, and their parents in disbelief as Her Majesty knights them for their valor and courage.

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